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What is pilates?

Pilates is an exercise regime that concentrates on promoting correct alignment and posture, improving flexibility, strength and control of movement. Pilates assists in injury management, as well as preventing future injuries.

What do our classes involve?

The classes are small, with only four people per class. This allows the Pilates instructor to focus on each client individually throughout the class. The class is station based, with clients rotating through equipment types and various exercises will be modified to the client's abilities and limitations.

Pilates classes for all skill levels — ask us to learn more

Introductory assessment

An introductory assessment will need to be completed prior to starting the block of classes. The assessment will take 30 minutes and will cost $30.

Purchasing & fees

You are able to purchase a block of five or ten visits for Pilates classes.

Five Sessions – $160

Ten Sessions – $300
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