Dance Assessments

Injury Prevention Assessment

Dancers’ injuries are evaluated and treated by specially trained physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.

Thirroul Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic provides detailed assessments for every dancer for injury prevention, management and ongoing education. You will receive information designed to determine your strengths, weaknesses and injury risks.

At Thirroul Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, our therapists will individualise a treatment and management strategy to improve your weaknesses, correct your technique and improve your balance to help reduce the common frustrations, issues and injuries that occur when dancing.

Please complete the ‘Injury Prevention Assessment Form’ prior to your appointment. You can submit it electronically or bring it with you to the appointment. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early if you have not completed the form.

Pointe Assessment

If you are a dancer wanting to begin en pointe, it is essential that you have a detailed assessment before proceeding. We recommend that preparation for pointe work begins a year before you intend to get fitted for shoes. It is important to have an assessment early to see what areas need to be specifically targeted so that you can spend all year focusing on your weaknesses. This will ensure you have the strength and stability to maximise a correct technique and prevent future injuries.

The sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and by the end of the session, dancers and parents will have a good understanding of what is required in order to be able to progress on to pointe. The dancer will receive a specific home exercise program to work on between appointments.

Generally, students will require two to five appointments depending on their current level of strength, flexibility and development.

Once all of the requirements have been met, your therapist, in conjunction with your dance teacher, will give you the approval to purchase your first pair of shoes. This requires an expert fitter and you can discuss the most appropriate person for this with your therapist.

Please download and fill out the available form prior to your pointe assessment. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early if you have not completed the form.

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